अधिक दूध,
अधिक मुनाफा |

अधिक दूध,
अधिक मुनाफा |

Our roots go deep / Keeping our roots intact

Discover the Organic Cattle Feed Product

We provide quality nutrition for the best yield of your cattle. We adhere to our products and promise our valuable customers to bring the highest quality nutrition. Supporting your dairy’s health and ability to produce more milk and taking care of newborn calves to milking cows in line, Ensuring and committing to serving our customers to the best of our abilities. In 50+ glorious years, Swarna Industries has gained regional recognition by producing the best Organic Cattle Feed Produce.


Innovative Solutions

With state of the art technology and new formulas, we believe in maintaining the reputation of our product & services.

Dependable quality

Our nutritional specialists and laboratory ensures 100% safe and organic quality feed that you can depend on for life for your cattle.


Why Choose Us

Efficiency at its level best

With stringent quality norms and technology, our team of professionals produce cotton oil cakes, boosting the health, and growth of the cattle. Our product Binola Khal has made an impression in the market with its superior quality and results. We extract the produce after obtaining oil from the remains of cotton seeds, which is semi-solid material full of proteins and high-quality feed for animals.


Year Established
Happy Customers

Our Team

The core bearer of our products, for over 40 years, we have been delivering nothing but the best to every state farmer to take care of their dairy cows right from the day they are born. Our Binola Khal is trusted amongst farmers because of its benefits, which are seen in every stage of life.


We manufacture the cattle feed Binola Khal in bulk in a broad category. If you are looking for Binola Khal, you have landed at the best place. Swarna Industries are the experts in this field and produce products that are rich in protein, energy & vitamins that aid health & reproduction.

Assured quality

With the best organic raw ingredients, we make the nutrient-rich and highest quality cattle feed. Regular quality checksare conducted in our lab to make our product most suitable for the health of your cattle. Binola Khal is the feed that ensures health as well as provides you with a high milk yield.